survey strategy

Survey Says…Strategy!

Surveys provide feedback, opinions, and information, and are valuable to a company’s marketing strategy.   Customers take expected steps when purchasing your services or researching your products (those are their behaviors). Systems can track if they used a tablet or computer to make a purchase, if they clicked a link, or how long they watched

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outline your goals

You Need to Be Touchy

Welcome to the second article in our series of Brand Strategy posts. Here we dive deeper into touchpoints:   What are they, How to rank them, Why you need to unify them. If you recall from our introductory brand strategy post, your Brand is how your customers perceive you based on your interactions. It’s that

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website design philosophy

Our Website Design Philosophy

Our website development methodology process begins with one simple concept: websites must convert. If you build a beautiful website and all your colleagues are envious, yet your website doesn’t convert your leads into sales, then what’s the point? That’s why everything we do must reinforce this very simple concept: websites must convert.  Being beautiful or

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