Simply put, your brand is what others think of you, it’s the feeling a customer gets. You came up with a clever product or service name, you designed your logo, you chose your colors and fonts and unified it across your marketing, and you brainstormed for hours on the perfect tag line, but you are still not generating leads the way you envisioned. What went wrong?

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. What is it that you offer?
  2. Who do you offer it to?
  3. What makes your offering special?
  4. Does working with your company make people feel good?

Does your brand strategy answer these four questions? It needs to, because that is the essence of branding. Your marketing strategies influence your customers’ perceptions of your brand. So market your brand to the correct group with honest promises and experience the growth of your business.

Over the next few weeks, Caffeine Consulting will be publishing a series of brand strategy related articles. Check back frequently for updates.

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Danielle Rydberg

Danielle Rydberg

Danielle, a scientific thinker, received her MBA from UMass and has focused on Marketing since then. She started off with basic market research and competitive analysis and has expanded her skill set to include customer success, campaign management, CRM administration, lead generation, sales support, and customer training. Danielle, a native New Yorker, now lives outside of Boston, MA. She is married and has twin daughters and a son. She enjoys sports, the beach, warmer weather, reading fiction, scrapbooking, sunny vacations, volunteering, cooking and baking.