Top 5 Reasons for Real Estate Agents to use Marketing Automation

Are you a real estate agent or broker?  If so, you need to automate your marketing process.

Manual marketing is time consuming, expensive and often ties you to your phone and desk.

Automated marketing is a time saver, affordable and frees you up to be out in the field where you are most effective

This article will point out the top 5 reasons why marketing automation is the tool for real estate agents to get you back out there selling.

Top 5 reasons to use marketing automation in real estate

  1. Be in communication 24/7 with all of your clients.
  2. Send timely messages/new listings, etc.
  3. Send targeted messages/nurture.
  4. Generate leads with webforms/content.
  5. Promote through social media with a constant trickle of info.

Since you make your money through commissions, it is likely that you prefer to be closing deals instead of the constant nurturing of leads of which you may have no inkling of their quality, interest and chance of closing. Use marketing automation to step in and take over the consistent communication, building a relationship by nurturing those leads into hot ones that now need your face to face attention.

24/7 Communication

Who needs to sleep when there is potential clients to handhold? I mean sleep’s overrated anyway, right? Well, at some point you will realize that you will be happier, more focused and more pleasant to be around if you get in your zzz’s.

By using marketing automation tools to set up a sequence of emails to be sent based on the receiver’s actions, you can catch a few while keeping your leads engaged on your leads’ schedules.

Timely Messages

You can be proactive by sending out matching new listings the moment they become available all while you are brewing your morning coffee with your eyes droopy and full of sleep seeds.

If mortgage rates drop and you want to inform your clients you can do that also. No need to log into your account and look things up just yet. Get that caffeine in your system first!

Targeted Messages

Nurturing a lead can be exhausting.   With automated emails and texts, you can send links to white papers on mortgages, articles on town improvements, and lists of recently closed properties by neighborhood. Whatever you have determined to be on the minds of your typical leads, you can set up a sequence of communications to direct your leads down a learning path.

Lead Generation

Marketing automation tools offer the ability to create landing pages with lead capture forms. If you are running an online ad campaign you can simply direct the lead to register on your landing page where they will be put into an automated sequence to introduce them to your agency, team and successes.

Social Media

Using social media is an important tactic of their overall marketing strategy.

You can create your list of tweets, posts and updates and schedule them all to happen at your desired times. Then you can connect the outcome of clicking on one of those updates to an opt in form, a white paper download or another specific infographic, all to be captured in your marketing automation platform.


Marketing automation is a time saver for real estate agents and lends itself to improved communications, consistent communications and satisfied clients. Read our previous post on marketing automation to understand the basics if the topic is new to you. There are many reasons why you should institute a marketing automation tool today.

If you are ready to incorporate marketing automation into your marketing strategy reach out to Caffeine for a free 30 minute consultation on your options.