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Ep. 58 – The Importance of Specificity and Being Cognizant to Strengthen Your Weaknesses

“I look back over a two-week period or a month and see that I’ve been struggling with some of the same things each and every day. Then that’s how I start to identify those blind spots and start to do something to be more intentional about fixing them.” – Dustin DeVries Thank you, James Bryant, Ph.D., P.E. for hosting Dustin DeVries on your podcast! Listen to the interview here and learn how to engineer your success

Innovation Guru Soon Yu & Caffiene’s Own Dusin DeVries

When I quit the corporate world and went out on my own, I got four hours back every day. There are 4 hours of waste every day from conversations in the halls and meetings that I don’t need to be at. Be intentional about what you are focused on. Journaling has helped me think about the various facets of my life physical, occupational, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional. (Interview starts at 33:30)!