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Why NOW is the Best Time to Start Your Application or Website Project

Ah, the perils of waiting. Sometimes it feels right. The quintessential moment, the perfect opportunity, the life-changing epiphany—you know it’s coming… …if you just wait a little longer. Until it doesn’t. Until you wait too long, and the opportunity is gone. A great idea, unexecuted. The burning pain of “What if?”. It’s a common mishap

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Should You Use Node.js?

It seems like every month, if not every week, we hear another great success story about how Node.js transformed someone’s life–and by someone we mean some major corporation with massive infrastructure and huge budgets. Just a few we’ve encountered over the few months include: PayPal migrated from JSP/Java to a platform centered on Node.js, resulting

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A Case for Agile Waterfall

Waterfall or Agile?  Or both?  In this article, we examine both strategies and discuss our preference for a hybrid agile waterfall approach. Waterfall In a traditional Waterfall methodology, a project goes through several phases: requirements, design, implementation, verification, and maintenance.  The problem with using Waterfall primarily consists of time to market, and the amount of

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