Our Application Development Process

At Caffeine, application development is our core business.  We leverage the latest technologies in PHP and/or Python to deliver solutions to our clients.  Our projects include SaaS-based apps in finance, real estate, politics, fitness, marketing, and many more!


We have a rich history developing various types of products for our clients.  These can include everything from a customized Software-as-a-Service application with a database backend, to an application integrated with social media and third-party APIs, to an application with its own API for third-party application development.


We start by interviewing you, the customer, and gathering as many details as possible.  From there, we define requirements and generate specifications, which allows us to make architecture and technology decisions.

Once this work is done, we recommend scaling back requirements into a minimum viable product (the minimum feature set you can take to market), so that you can get your product in front of your customers and start getting immediate feedback.

For the technical-minded, check out more details on our hybrid waterfall/agile methodology.


We leverage the latest technologies in Python and PHP.  In some cases, our clients are better suited for a PHP-based solution depending on their needs–particularly when a project is leveraging pre-existing code or third-party libraries that have better coverage in PHP.  In other cases, a Python solution is best (we love Django!).  It really just depends on the product, the architecture, and third party integrations that might be necessary with the product.

Our backend database work typically relies on MySQL or PostgreSQL.  In some cases, we also leverage NoSQL solutions like RedisMongoDB, or CouchDB.

Getting Started

To get started with your project, the first step is to contact us.  We can discuss your needs and begin the process of determining scope, cost, and requirements.