You Need Social Media Links on Your Site

Are your company social media accounts linked on your business website? If not, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to build brand awareness and increase engagement. By adding social links to your site, users can easily navigate to your social channels to see the latest updates, products, events, services, and/or news about your company. It will also allow users to quickly engage in a two-way conversation with your brand on social media – satisfying that instant gratification world we all live in.

Convinced yet? We hope so!

The good news is, if you do not currently have social links on your site, it is typically a fast process that your web developer can assist you with. As far as location, each website varies, but a sure fire place for social links is in the footer of your website so that they appear at the bottom of all pages in a consistent format.

As an added bonus, talk with your web developer about adding social feeds at the bottom of your site. Social feeds allow you to link your social media accounts directly to your website so that users see social updates in realtime, while browsing your site. This is an excellent feature for the real estate, education, and emergency services industries, among many others.


If you’re unsure if your web developer added social links to your website, run your site through our Caffeine Website Analyzer tool and you’ll receive a detailed report of what we find!

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