The Rising Popularity of Video Ads

The newest wave of content sweeping the internet is video ads. You see them prior, during and after YouTube videos, on your Facebook Newsfeed and scrolling through Instagram. It’s one of those things you hate to love because it’s just another ad, but yet some of them can be so intriguing. I think we can all agree, we’ve fallen victim at least once to watching a video ad, thinking it was a video we meant to watch.

Lucky you, video ads are here to stay (at least until marketers discover the next greatest thing that takes the social web by storm). As a company it can be great investment in growing business and increasing sales. After reading this article you’ll be more familiar with video ads and how to plan for a campaign.

A Variety of Options for Video Ads

From large to small business, social media platforms and search engines offer a range of options to promote business through video based on budget, demographics, interests and location.

Video Converts More than Any Other ContentSource

According to the above image, advertisers predict that 74% of internet traffic in 2017 will be video, not to mention video produces more conversions than any other content.


Did you know that Facebook outperforms YouTube in daily unique video views on desktop computers? It’s safe to say, video content is your new best friend!

Video is an effective way to spread your organization’s message. Users are engaged in visual content and your company can showcase brand personality, product/service functionality and product/service usability; something difficult to portray in text or image ads.

With the world at your fingertips, creating videos is a breeze and affordable whether you do it yourself or contract it out to a service such a Fiverr.

As a bonus, your videos can be purely informational and still lead to sales! In fact, by creating how-to videos, training videos and light-hearted-fun videos, you can begin to segment your target audience by interests, thus leading to a successful retargeting campaign!

Not to mention, video content is great for improving SEO (how a website ranks in search results pages).

And who knows, maybe your video will go viral. Talk about a bonus!

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