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we will build you a beautiful website that reinforces your overall goals and strategy.

When you sign up, we outline a plan and structure the communications to maximize your budget

Website Fundamentals:

Mobile Friendly


Measurable with Analytics

Easy to Update

Clear Calls to Action (CTA)

Clean and Concise

We will Build the Right Website for You

When you choose Caffeine to build your website, we immediately become stakeholders in your success. Our business is built on referrals and happy customers, so it's important to know that we're creating success for you and your business.

We also believe strongly in our core values: communication, transparency, honesty, and service. We promise to overcommunicate and provide complete transparency into everything we do.

Caffeine uses industry standard technologies to build websites and can offer you options beyond WordPress if that is what you need.

Before you make the final decision on a developer, read our latest whitepaper, 10 Requirements When Choosing a Developer, to avoid headaches, and give your application or website the best chance at success!

We Have a Plan to Fit Your Budget

Each website is unique and it would be misleading to state a flat price without understanding your goals. However, as a guideline, sites begins at $5000.

Karen is a successful financial industry professional. In her spare time, Karen enjoys giving back to her community by spreading her industry knowledge to others and offering training courses. She came to Caffeine because she needed support for her existing website and an online training course platform. Caffeine created a custom WordPress site that included a member login portal, marketing automation integration with Ontraport, media integration with Wista, a mobile-friendly site, and improved load times. Karen loves her website and knows she can rely on Caffeine to build new landing pages as she offers new products and promotions.
Brian is in charge of a political organization. He needed a website that consisted of two components: a public-facing site for posting events, news, and information; and a member-only site for sharing information and documents. Caffeine accomplished this through API integration with Amazon S3 for document storage, forum integration with a member-only site, event integration and donation integration on both mobile and desktop. Brian knows he can continue to rely on Caffeine for maximum security to this private site.
Chris is a young, athletic entrepreneur. He had quite a bit of success selling his product through word-of-mouth and social media. However, Chris knew that in order to be successful he needed a central place where he could sell his product, highlight reviews, and tell customers more about his product. He approached Caffeine to build him an ecommerce site for direct sales. Caffeine was able to establish an online store and incorporate the need for promo codes and marketing automation for billing and subscriptions. The store was built with the requirement for ease of administration and Chris has the peace of mind to make his own store additions and establish new promo codes when needed.


Yes! If you do not already have a hosting provider, we will host your website for you.
When we host your site, your website is backed up daily.
Of course! We build all of our websites and make updates to websites on a what is known as a “staging site”. A staging site is a clone of your live website and is used to test themes, functionality, plugins, etc….long before the public can see changes!
We offer monthly Website Management packages that give you a bucket of hours that are used for site monitoring, support, bug fixes, new feature development, security, optimization, and hosting services.
Each website is unique and it would be misleading to state a flat price without understanding your goals. However, as a guideline, sites start at $5000.
Absolutely! We can build an online store for your ecommerce business.
For sure! We’ve made updates to a number of existing websites.
We build most sites in WordPress, but we try to remain neutral and use the best technology available. We’ve worked with technologies ranging from WordPress to ExpressionEngine to Drupal to Magento to Python/Django to React and many, many others.
You may be most familiar with WordPress as a blog, but it is also a Content Management System that can be used to create and manage digital content (a website). In fact, we build most websites in WordPress.
We are your one stop shop! We have a talented team of designers that can assist and/or guide the styling of your website. We make sure your website truly represents your brand and that the vibe matches your expectations.
Without understanding your goals it would be difficult to pinpoint an exact time frame. It all depends on the goals, functionality and features you have in mind for your site.
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): How your website looks…all the fun stuff: colors, fonts and layout!

CMS (Content Management Software): The program or software used to create and manage digital content….so WordPress for example!

DNS (Domain Name Servers): The internet’s directory of domain names associated IP addresses….basically the internet’s phonebook!
Our clients are located both locally and throughout the US, and in a few rare cases, other parts of the world like Europe and Australia. We have the tools to work with clients anywhere in the world, but also enjoy meeting local clients for a cup of coffee.
This is completely at the mercy of Google, but usually it can take anywhere from a couple of days to a month. If your website represents a brand with a physical address, you can show up even sooner by creating a local listings entry in Google, Bing, etc.

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