Could Tap Target Size be Hurting Your Site’s Mobile Experience?

Have you ever been looking at a website on your phone and you keep clicking and clicking and clicking on a link and nothing happens? Suddenly (after the 20th time) you press you right spot and it goes to where you want it. Or maybe you want to click on one thing and it keeps opening the link beside it? Why does this happen? The answer is “tap target size”. What is tap target size? It’s the clickable area of a button, link or form on a mobile device. It also means the difference between clicking a button once to go to the link instead of 20 million times and getting frustrated and closing the site entirely. Besides being too small, your tap targets can be too close together. When they’re close together, it will open one link when you meant to click on another. Tap targets aren’t usually the first thought when you consider mobile usability. However, it could definitely mean the difference between a good mobile experience and someone leaving your site completely. To see how your tap target on your site stack up, check out: Caffeine Website Analyzer If you want to learn how to further improve your site, check out: How Fast Does Your Site Load?`