Why Facebook Advertising?

Is it time to rejuvenate your company’s Facebook page that has collected dust? Revisit your advertising efforts? Or revive clients that have gone cold? Of course it is! Quarter 3 of 2017 provides much opportunity to do all the above thanks to the digital world we all live in. The possibilities are endless, but a good starting point is getting your Facebook advertising on, well…point!

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a very target-driven, cost-effective, analytic-measuring form of advertising, that when executed properly can generate leads and drive traffic to your website.

After reading our analysis below you’ll have a greater understanding of why there are over 2 million advertisers on Facebook and how easy it is for you to get started with Facebook advertising.


Did you know that you can target by income level, job title, purchase behaviors and life events among more general things like city and age? There are a variety of ways to target on Facebook from location, demographics, interests, to behaviors. Not only do you have the option to target people who fall within your target market, but you can exclude those who do not align with your brand. Facebook targeting allows you to reach far more people than you think, while giving you the opportunity to be very specific so your marketing dollars are not wasted.


Whether your budget is large or small, there is a place for your business on Facebook. In fact, we would recommend starting out small, testing multiple campaigns, figuring out what works and building up to larger campaigns. Playing it smart is wise for any form of advertising, but having the ability to make changes to top & bottom performing ads based on real-time stats makes Facebook pricing competitive. You can generate brand awareness to a large audience for a relatively low price, thus maximizing your ROI.



In the Ad Manager of Facebook, you can drill down just how well your campaigns are performing based on engagement, link clicks, likes, Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Cost-per-Click (CPC) and most importantly…. conversions!  As an added bonus, setting up your website on Google Analytics can give you even more insight. While marketing is never an exact science, Facebook metrics allow you to be very strategic in planning your next course of action. It produces valuable insights that lead you one step closer to landing your next client.

So should you jump on the Facebook ad bandwagon? If it aligns with your target audience, goals and budget…then go for it! Just be mindful that testing, managing and tweaking ads are part of the game. There is no winning playbook available for purchase that gives away the answers. Taking the time to learn about your Facebook target audience, designing intriguing ads, and creating creative landing pages is the real secret to developing a winning marketing campaign with Facebook.

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