Website Horror Stories, the Scary Truth

Ghosts and goblins aren’t the only thing scary about this Halloween season.

A business’ worst nightmare is its website (the central hub of its online marketing 24/7) experiencing problems or possibly being completely down and losing out on revenue and leads.

Scary? Yes. Do you know what’s even more frightening? Being unaware that such problems exist and/or not having a team you can rely on to fix them and get you back up and running.

Take some of these stories for example and learn how you can make sure that your website is always ready to produce sales, conveniently serve your customers and stay up-to-date.

Beware the Hackers

“My site was hacked and suddenly every visitor had a warning in their browser.”

  • Monitor your site for exploits and hacks
  • Upgrade your website and plugins regularly

Lost Data

“I accidentally erased some data on my web server and now I can’t recover it.”

  • Utilize a hosting solution that provides daily backups
  • Store all of your website code in a software repository like Git, so you can revert back to an older version of your site or app at any time


“Our developer pushed an update we didn’t know about and broke our shopping cart for two days.”

  • Developers should always communicate updates/changes to your site and test changes extensively
  • Utilize a staging server (a copy of your website at a special URL) to test changes before they are pushed live

Quick Changes

“A simple WordPress content change required a developer and lots of emails back and forth.”

  • Have your developer build a customizable site so you can make the changes


“Every time we had a problem, our developer was busy and took days to get to back to us.”

  • Find someone who responds in hours, not days!

This Halloween season, let the ghosts and goblins do the scaring, not your website. Caffeine Interactive can monitor and respond to website problems, like the ones above, long before your customers find them.