Now that WordPress has released version 5.0 you may be wondering when, how and who should upgrade to it. This blog post won’t outline the new features of the WordPress 5.0 upgrade but will offer you advice so that you can determine what is best for your website.

When & How

Our advice is to be the tortoise in the familiar race with the hare. There will be many hares or early adopters of that will upgrade to WordPress 5.0. And that is fine as we need them to report the bugs and glitches that only real-world testing can provide. We also need them to point out the plugins that aren’t compatible or the plugins that now are working intermittently. We need hackers to find the vulnerabilities too. We need to give WordPress time to respond to these issues and push another version that contains fixes and security updates. And we need to give plugin developers time to do the same.


Your present version of WordPress will still function well in the interim. If you want to be an early adopter be ready to do some heavy testing or be ready to roll back to an earlier version if unhappy. If you want further advice, please contact us to discuss your needs for the WordPress 5.0 upgrade.

Danielle Rydberg

Danielle Rydberg

Danielle, a scientific thinker, received her MBA from UMass and has focused on Customer Success & Marketing since then. She started off with basic market research and competitive analysis and has expanded her skill set to include customer success, campaign management, CRM administration, lead generation, sales support, and customer training. Danielle, a native New Yorker, now lives outside of Boston, MA.