Coyote Moon Coffee
Web Development


Coyote Moon Coffee is an artisan coffee roaster located in Leander, TX. They source their coffee beans from around the world and treat each import with tremendous care. Their process of roasting in small batches creates a bean that has been personally handled and cared for, from start to finish. They put as much care into the packaging as they do the processing, allowing their customers to have a perfect cup of coffee.

The Challenge

Coyote Moon shoppers wanted a way to see inventory levels, while management needed the ability to add, edit and delete coupon codes for specific customers, products, or time frames. In addition, Coyote Moon recently added new coffee samples and subscription products. These new product lines needed to be reflected on the site. The challenge was to update the existing site with the above edits.

The Solution

  • Integrated WooCommerce, an online merchant plug-in, for a seamless purchase experience
  • Restructured the main navigation for easier product browsing and improved usability
  • Added additional pages that highlight the new product line, filled with valuable information for the shopper
  • Improved checkout and credit card processing by integrating Square, an online payment processor, into the existing website