Maintaining Your WordPress Website

Behind every great WordPress website is a rock star support staff, monitoring your website and being on call for your needs.

That’s why Caffeine’s job usually doesn’t end once your website is launched.

We offer several great features as part of our website maintenance, including:

  • Monthly updates to your core CMS and plugins, including security updates/patches
  • Website hosting
  • 24 hour monitoring of your site for downtime
  • Priority for service requests

These features are explained more below.

Monthly Updates

If you’ve ever dealt with a security breach on your website, you’ll never underestimate the value of security patches.

Once a month, Caffeine will update WordPress to the latest patch/security version, as well as any active plugins (subject to licensing from your plugin provider).

Monthly updates are $135 $100 per month with a pre-paid retainer.

Website Hosting

Need a reliable hosting solution?  Not a problem!  Caffeine provides website hosting for $100 for 3 months.  All website hosting packages require our Monthly Updates option above.

24 Hour Site Uptime Monitoring

Whether you host with us or your own host, we also monitor your website for outages.  If your website goes offline, we get an alert, letting us know to see what’s happening.  This service is provided free with any maintenance package.

Priority for Service Requests

Whether you have a bug fix or need a new feature added to your website, maintenance clients get priority response from us.  And with the pre-paid retainer, we can begin on your request right away.  Just submit your request through our ticketing system, and we’ll begin addressing your problem right away.  Optionally, you can request a quote for your request, and we’ll begin work subject to your approval for the request.

Pre-Paid Retainer

For all website maintenance plans, we require a pre-paid retainer.  This pre-paid retainer allows us to offer our most competitive price ($100/hour) while also ensuring quick turnaround for your needs.

While we require a minimum retainer size of $800, we will work with you to figure out the optimum retainer size based on your anticipated support needs.

If you simply need WordPress updates and an occasional bug fix, $800-$1200 is probably an adequate retainer size.

However, if you have multiple requests a month, we will likely recommend a higher retainer amount to avoid disruption as maintenance requests come up.

Re-Charging Retainers

When your retainer is close to depletion, we will contact you about recharging your retainer.  At that point, we can discuss your retainer amount and adjust it up or down based on your expected needs.

Getting Started with Your Maintenance Plan

If you’re ready to move forward with better support for your website, the next step is to contact us through our Get Started form.  From there, we’ll reach out to you and discuss the plan that makes sense for you.