Unlocked Efficiency for O&S Construction’s Success with Office Automations

Let’s face it, your favorite software programs have discrepancies between them and you don’t know which one has the most updated information. 

You have no visibility into job performance, timelines, and billing milestones.

Imagine if you didn’t have to second guess where to find the information you need to keep your company profitable and efficient. With office automations you can!

O&S Construction (O&S) knew they were drowning in data and delayed in revenue recognition. And after pulling out their hair they reached out to see how they could achieve relief with office automations. 

Problem 1: Inefficient Data Management and Integration


O&S Construction was bogged down by the use of complex Excel spreadsheets and standalone tools that failed to scale with their business needs. These tools did not communicate with each other, causing data to be out of sync and necessitating redundant data entry across systems. This lack of integration resulted in significant administrative overhead and potential for human error, particularly in tracking materials and labor costs.


A new web-based dashboard was developed to serve as a central hub for all business operations. This platform integrated seamlessly with existing software like Quickbooks, Acculynx, and PlanSwift through custom-built APIs and data import functions. This integration allowed for real-time data synchronization and reduced the need for manual data entry. The dashboard also featured automated processes for generating, saving, and sending business forms and invoices, enhancing the overall workflow efficiency.

Problem 2: Cumbersome Project Management and Documentation


The existing project management tools were inadequate, requiring manual generation of multiple materials lists and proposals. The process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, significantly slowing down the project lifecycle and affecting client deliverables.


The solution incorporated an algorithm within the new software that automatically generated purchase orders and material lists based on the data imported from PlanSwift. This drastically reduced the manual effort and potential for errors. The system allowed users to select specific buildings and materials types for orders, optimizing the procurement process. Additionally, all project-related documents were standardized and professionalized, ensuring consistency and clarity in communications.

Problem 3: Inadequate Tracking of Job Performance Metrics


O&S Construction lacked a comprehensive system to track job performance, which affected their ability to monitor project timelines, billing milestones, and overall job costs. Without these capabilities, the company struggled to ensure timely invoicing and payments.


The newly developed software featured advanced reporting capabilities, providing detailed insights into job performance metrics such as estimated versus actual costs, total job costs, and cost breakdowns by material and labor. The platform enabled the creation of dynamic reports that could be customized and exported to Excel for further analysis. Additionally, field communication was streamlined through the implementation of Fast Field Forms technology, which allowed field employees to report job status and issues in real-time. This not only improved the accuracy of job tracking but also enhanced communication between the field and the central office.

So, knowing the advantages of office automations is one thing but putting them in place is another.

Don’t worry we’re here to help.

I’m Dustin DeVries, co-founder and CEO of Caffeine Interactive and I’ve been in the trenches with businesses like yours for over 20 years.

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