O&S Construction
Web App Development


O&S Construction is a full-service commercial roofing company based out of Houston, Texas.

The Challenge

O&S Construction approached Caffeine to create a web application to streamline their internal project management, budgeting, billing, and ordering processes.

The Solution

  • Designed and developed a system to import data from a 3rd party software solution O&S was using, and automatically generate, save and send their business forms. Caffeine also created an easy-to-use interface to update any data from the original imported data.
  • Reviewed the purpose and function of each 3rd party application currently used. One of the applications was only generating their purchase order numbers; our audit resulted in its elimination and cost savings for O&S. For the other kept 3rd party software applications (Quickbooks, FastField, and PlanSwift), Caffeine developed API connectivity or easy import processes to transfer data between the 3rd party solution and the web application.
  • Designed and developed a way to pull all items pertaining to a purchase order by only picking three items from a drop down. The system also automatically generates a purchase order number systematically based on the attributes of the order. Caffeine also designed a way to add or remove items from an order and generate a new purchase order number with just a few clicks.
  • Developed tables of data and a bar graph interface to easily compare a project’s estimated and actual costs. The O&S team can easily see if they are over or under budget for each project in several places throughout the software.
  • Developed several easy-to-use reports that pull data based on selected criteria and export to an Excel file. The reports can be used for rebates, warranties, and viewing budget overages.