KCI Telecommunications
Web App Development


KCI, a telecommunications service provider, supports legacy telecom infrastructure, network upgrades and migrations to next generation platforms, and provides asset management among a long list of other core offerings.

Working with the Team at Caffeine was great! They really listened to what we needed and were very responsive. Their suggestions helped us stay within budget and in the end, produced a user friendly online tool that gives us a competitive advantage in our market.
KCI Telecommunications

The Challenge

KCI partnered with Caffeine to help them create a web application to keep compliant with task and hours reporting and invoicing. The challenge was that the existing internally built data portal’s framework could not handle the growth of the company and project influx of inputted data (a good challenge to have!)

The Solution

  • Developed a simplified way for contractors to submit reports of tasks completed on jobs so that managers and directors could approve or reject tasks easily.
  • In addition, report processing in the accounting department was streamlined by making tasks approvals or denials by upline Managers and Directors easier.
  • The existing internally built data portal was rewritten using the Laravel framework to allow for user expansion and future feature enhancements.