Choose Healthier App
Mobile App Development


The Choose Healthier App is designed to empower people to lead healthier lives and build healthier communities by presenting them with localized opportunities to take healthy action and the ability to share and promote these opportunities with their friends and families.

The Challenge

Caffeine was presented with the task of updating an existing web and mobile app for both end users and vendors/organizations to improve product performance. The challenge was that the site and app were initially built by another development company. Since the original development company did not use a standard service such as WordPress, basic things like site navigation could not be modified and had to be recreated on the WordPress platform.

The Solution

  • Designed a new WordPress site based on the existing design and features
  • Modified the mobile app (built in Unity) to support new features on the WordPress site
  • Created an administrative system for the events calendar so vendors could add events
  • Built a user-friendly system for vendors to enter their own activities for public display
  • Created an API for vendors to post events to their own site for their visitors to see
  • Improved the filtering/searching results for activities so that users could navigate through events quickly