offMLS Real Estate App

offMLS is an app for real estate brokers to swap information about properties that are for sale or rent but not listed on the MLS.

Caffeine was presented with the task of modifying the existing web app and mobile app with unique features for real estate brokers.

This client came to Caffeine through our extensive referral network.

Caffeine Provided

Responsive, mobile-friendly design for the web app (Python/Django)

Mobile app for both iOS and Android (Phonegap)

Support for multiple markets

The Challenge

  • App must be private and only accessed through membership.
  • Support multiple regions and confine user’s listings to a specific region.
  • Listings and brokers were required to be marked for access later.
  • Offer customizable email and device notifications.

The Solution...

  • Membership site created for uploading and sharing listings.
  • Categorized listing types for easier searching.
  • Starred listings & broker profiles are saved in a list for easy access.
  • User interface with easy on/off sliders for email and device notifications.