Meet The Team

At Caffeine Interactive, we take great pride in our proven process that reinforces our core values of clear communication, creativity, deep understanding, and enthusiastic engagement. Through a combination of automated systems and keen developers, we are able to offer you exceptional attention to your website or app to keep it safe, secure, and running as you expect it to.

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Dustin DeVries

CTO & Co-Founder

Living and breathing software strategy and architecture, Dustin has been building software for over 20 years. He really enjoys working with clients to determine the right technology, whether it’s a web application framework like Django or NodeJS, or a simple CMS solution like WordPress. He received his BS in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University.

During his spare time, Dustin enjoys reading, gardening, cooking, playing guitar, running, and hanging out with his family.

Sharon DeVries

Co-Founder/Product Strategist

Fueled by a passion for amazing user experiences and revenue growth, Sharon offers 15+ years of experience in product management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Beyond crafting sweet strategy and UIs, Sharon has written enough product requirements documents, software requirements specs, use cases and wireframes to circle the globe…twice.

When not parked in front of a laptop, Sharon can be found enjoying time with her two kiddos and husband, playing piano (loudly), jogging (slowly), swimming and reading.

Patsy DeVries

Office Administrator

Patsy has over 30 years experience managing offices and staff. She is extremely patient and can juggle projects, employees, contracts and flaming torches like a professional entertainer.

During her leisure time she loves to garden, read, and play with her grandchildren.

Danielle Rydberg

Brand Ambassador

Danielle, a scientific thinker, received her MBA from UMass and has focused on Marketing & Operations since then. Her skills include project management, market research, competitive analysis, customer success, campaign management, CRM administration, lead generation, sales support, and customer training.

Danielle, a native New Yorker, now lives outside of Boston, MA. She is married and has twin daughters and a son. She enjoys sports, the beach, warmer weather, reading, sunny vacations, volunteering, cooking, and baking.

Melissa Mokraoui

Product Manager

Melissa has been helping companies convey and apply knowledge to solve problems for over 12 years. One of her favorite things to do is to untangle a mess of information and put it back together in a clear, logical and organized way. Her specialties include user experience, process design, and content strategy.

Melissa is a native of Buffalo, NY and currently lives with her husband in Newport News, VA. She enjoys watching movies, travelling to interesting locations to learn new things, cooking new recipes, and playing with her two pups (Bennie and Jake).

Alvin Gerona

Web Developer

Since 2012, Alvin has been delighting clients with his web development skills. No project is too complicated for this agile mind. He loves to work with PHP frameworks such as Symfony 2, Laravel and Codelgniter.

During his free time he plays the guitar and listens to music. He loves to travel and with all that free time on airplanes he has learned to appreciate all genres of movies (his favorites are Sci-Fi and romantic comedies).

Dana Roxas

Product Manager

Dana has over 6 years of experience in software development, specializing in project / product management and business analysis. She genuinely enjoys solving problems, making complex things simple, and collaborating with people to build products that users absolutely love.

During her spare time, Dana enjoys watching comedy shows, playing tabletop games, practicing yoga, and reading sci-fi and nonfiction books.

Gilbert Aldava

Graphic Artist

Gilbert is a seasoned web/graphic designer with experience concentrated on designing websites and graphic designs. His designs are clean and modern which work well on large and small screens.

Listening to reggae music, playing video games, and watching the latest movies are some of his hobbies. Gilbert enjoys spending time browsing the internet to learn the latest trends and techniques in graphic design.

Irelene S. Cosicol

Dev Lead/Software Architect

With over seven years of experience, Irelene has worked and managed multiple aspects of the software cycle including software development, project coordinator, and project manager.

Even though she enjoys the challenge of managing software projects, her favorite aspect of her job is coding. She’s always looking for new challenges and ways to grow her skills.

In her spare time, Irelene enjoys crafting, traveling, reading, and playing with her three cats.

Ivy Myrrh Maboloc

Full Stack Developer

Ivy has been developing software since 2012 and her jobs have taken her to a few different nations! She loves to travel and share her adventures. Now she has settled down with Caffeine and is happily cranking out front-end masterpieces and back-end magic.

Her hobbies include watching tv series, playing games, and especially playing with her dogs.

Jonathan Ursua

Full Stack Developer (PHP, Javascript)

Jonathan has been developing software since 2016. Over this period, software development has become his passion. He loves to learn different programming languages/frameworks, with Laravel being his favorte backend framework (he has a list of frontend Javascript frameworks he loves as well).

Jonathan’s hobbies include reading news and articles about programming, as well as traveling with his motorcycle and watching movies. He’s also excited to announce that he’ll be getting married soon!

Jose Luis

Python/Django Developer

Jose Luis likes to work in an organized manner, is restless when learning new technologies, and a dynamic person when giving solutions to software development issues. He is accustomed to the SCRUM methodology.

Jose is an independent and observant person who likes to give his point of view and talk about current issues. He likes chess, listening to music, and is a fan of sports, particularly soccer and volleyball.

Julio Oña

Dev Lead/Software Architect

With almost 20 years of code wizardry under his belt, Julio is a seasoned and forward-thinking master of his craft. Experienced in data security, large systems integrations, complex databases and applications in a variety of technologies from C++ to Python/Django.

He is married with 2 kids. In Julio’s spare time he enjoys music (US and Latin Jazz, Brazilian, Bossa Nova, Afro-Latin), movies, quoting movies (like The Usual Suspects), and reading (JL Borges, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Vladimir Nabokov, Isaac Asimov, Gunter Grass, Umberto Eco).

Philip Sabio

Web Developer

Philip loves a good challenge and had fallen into the perfect spot as a Web Developer on the Caffeine team. He’s been excelling at this for 6 years. Every challenge Philip meets is a chance to grow and contribute to the success of our clients.

Philip loves traveling; visiting every continent with his family is on his bucket list! He also plays the guitar and piano and enjoys reading.

Rodrigo Sandoval


With over 25 years of work experience, Rodrigo returned to software development, which is his most satisfying job. He specializes in Python, Django, and JavaScript. He has a history of 17 years in the telecommunications industry, specializing in risk, fraud management, strategic planning, planning, and execution of projects. Rodrigo is married with three children, he is a photographer in his spare time. He likes math, physics, and listening to music.

Jose Sanchez

Sales Development

Jose is a team player! He is very persistent when it comes to getting things done to his specifications and in his 3 years of being in a sales role, has found himself committed to leading the charge.

In his off time, Jose enjoys spending time with his partner & his 6 pets, traveling, and spending time nurturing his soul in the great outdoors.