Our Proven Process

At Caffeine Interactive, we take great pride in our proven process that works. It reinforces our core values of clear communication, creativity, deep understanding, and enthusiastic engagement.

Application Process

1. Requirements and Design

Our process begins with requirements. Our business analysts schedule meetings with you to understand your needs and develop wireframes (blueprints for your app) & mockups (rendered screenshots of your app).

2. Architecture

During the architecture phase, we analyze the requirements and pick the best technology solution for your app. This includes core development languages, plugins, third party systems, etc.

3. Development

This is where the rubber meets the road. As we develop the app, we will demo significant pieces of functionality as they are completed, allowing you to provide feedback and verify progress.

4. Quality Assurance (QA)

An app is not complete until we have had a chance to fully test it. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team walks through the app, by testing it on multiple devices & browsers and comparing against the requirements.

5. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

After passing QA, the app is released to you, the client, to test and verify functionality.

6. Launch

After successful UAT, the app is published to the web or app stores. You are now free to share your app with others.

7. Maintenance

An app is not complete without a great team to support you going forward. Whether it is feature requests and improvements, iPhone/Android updates, security updates, or other needs, we stick around to help support your app.