To have the best website, you need amazing support.


We have three tiers to represent most business needs:


$ 999

Per Month

Ideal for small businesses who need 24/7 uptime and quick turnaround on small issues and improvements, but aren’t looking to add significant new functionality to their website.

  • 24/7 website uptime monitoring
  • Weekly website page load speed reports
  • Monthly security updates/patches
  • Website change tracking
  • Online ticketing system for tracking requests
  • Free analytics setup
  • Free hosting
  • 8 hrs/month

BUILDER10% discount

$ 1799

Per MonthIdeal for small and medium sized businesses who need 24/7 uptime/fixes (Sustainer), but also want to make incremental improvements and enhancements to their website (such as new features, load time optimizations, security optimizations).

Includes the Sustainer features plus:

  • Staging environment for fixes/updates
  • Free website performance audit
  • Website performance optimizations
  • Security optimizations
  • One monthly phone call to discuss needs and plan features
  • 16 hrs/month

PERFORMER20% discount

$ 3199

Per MonthIdeal for any business who wants 24/7 uptime/fixes (Sustainer), but also wants to make significant changes/updates to their website.

Includes the Builder features plus:

  • SEO optimizations
  • Marketing optimizations and automation
  • Metrics tracking (sales funnels/goals, site behavior goals)
  • Significant functionality and enhancement updates
  • Two monthly phone calls to discuss needs and plan features
  • 32 hrs/month
Kevin is a realtor. He uses Caffeine’s Sustainer package because he knows he has someone he can rely on when his website goes down, in addition to keeping his website up-to-date with the latest WordPress plugins and security updates. He uses a few hours each month to optimize listings and photos on his website.
Sarah has been running a nonprofit for muscular dystrophy research. Besides the occasional website issues, Caffeine’s Builder package allows Sarah to add a secure login portal, an on-site donation system and educational materials (with an email capture funnel) for muscular dystrophy research.
Jim manages various car dealerships around the state. His most recent expansion inspired Jim to ramp up his online presence. In order to accomplish this, he uses Caffeine’s Performer package to help him craft specialized monthly promotional pages that integrate with his main campaign management system. He is also looking to add additional functionality to his website.

As your website services partner

we provide monitoring, support, bug fixes, new feature development, security, optimization, and hosting services for our clients and their websites.

When you sign up

for one of our website services packages, we provide a bucket of hours to use each month. Unused hours roll over to the next month (up to a maximum of four months).


Examples of how our clients are using their hours include:

Recovering from a website outage
Updating plugins and security updates (e.g. WordPress)
Optimizing sites for better performance and SEO
Developing new features (e.g. shopping cart, blogs, etc.)
Providing on-call support for website bugs


Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my plan?

Yes! We don’t require any long term commitments with our services. You can try us for one month, six months, or use our services forever. If you find you need more or fewer hours, you can always upgrade or downgrade services with no fee.

Can I buy one package and share hours across multiple sites/businesses?

Most definitely! We have clients that manage multiple websites through one management package.

What is the typical turnaround time for an issue?

Our official policy is within one business day, although we typically try to get back to you within 1-2 hours. For critical needs, we will usually respond immediately.

How do I submit an issue?

We have two methods for submitting issues: 1) email and 2) our ticketing system. In addition, depending on your management package, we have bi-weekly or monthly meetings, where we can capture your needs and issues.

If I have an issue, can I call you?

We’re tech geeks, so phone calls are not an efficient way for us to address your needs and others. As a result, we advise all clients to submit tickets via email or through our ticketing system, with the advantage that the ticketing system allows you to set priorities (and your ticket will get routed much faster). If your issue truly requires a phone call, you can always provide a phone number, and we’ll call you as soon as we begin processing your ticket.

How do I track progress on my issue?

Every day, we’ll fly a carrier pigeon to your location. Or you can use our online ticketing system, which provides an email alert when your ticket is submitted. From there, we will report progress on the ticket, and provide feedback on the ticket status. We also use the ticketing system to communicate if we have questions or need your input.

Are there any restrictions on the types of issues I can submit?

The short answer is, not really! Since we are a full service digital marketing agency, we cover just about every website need imaginable, including marketing automation, application development, and integration with third party services and tools.

Can I sign up for maintenance on my web or mobile application?

Well aren’t you slick with your fancy pantsy app! Yes, we have clients who use our services for maintaining websites and applications. Depending on the type of needs and frequency of changes, you may require a custom management plan.

What if I use up all my hours and something critical comes up?

Too bad! Just kidding, we’ll always find a way to deal with critical needs, whether it’s charging additional management hours on top of your basic package, or borrowing hours from the next month.

What if my business is seasonal, and I need an occasional bump in hours?

You can always upgrade or downgrade your hours. We don’t charge any fees for upgrading or downgrading, we only ask that you let us know prior to your next billing cycle so we can properly plan and staff your needs.

What happens to hours I don't use?

They get turned into Bitcoin. Just kidding! We roll over hours each month, up to a maximum of 4 months worth of hours based on your plan. So for example, if your plan includes 8 hours a month, you can carry up to 32 hours. We may make exceptions for some cases (e.g. a seasonal business that wants to accumulate hours for 6 months then burn through them during the last half of the year).

How can I view how many hours I've used so far?

Please send a self-addressed envelope with postage and a $5 processing fee to the address below and allow 4-6 weeks for a response. Kidding again! You can always email us to find out your balance, or wait for your weekly progress report to see your hours usage. We are also working on a process that will provide online reports of your hour usage (usually delayed by 24 to 48 hours).

I have a very high traffic site. Can you still provide services?

Yes we can! If you want us to host your site, we may require additional charges, but in general, we love hosting sites with lots of traffic. We also have a great process for streamlining changes to your site, as well as posting changes on a staging server for you to review before it’s published to all of your visitors. And, best of all, we’re very well equipped at scaling your website or application to work across multiple servers, using load balancers, caching servers, and all that fancy stuff to optimize your site performance.

Can you still provide website management services if I'm using a different hosting provider?

Most definitely! We have clients that use Amazon AWS, Rackspace, and even GoDaddy (although we will probably twist your arm into getting a better host if you’re using GoDaddy, BlueHost, or something similar).

Do you provide emergency support on nights or weekends?

Yes we do, although we ask that you be a good steward and only ask for after hours support for something truly critical. If you are continuously having emergency issues, we may need to examine your website or application to see if we can do something to fix these problems during off hours. In extreme circumstances, we may need to adjust your website management package to include additional emergency hours.