Richard Milburn Academy


Richard Milburn Academy serves high school students throughout Texas who have struggled to excel in the traditional public school system. RMA approached Caffeine with the task of creating a new website for all aspects of RMA including areas for existing students & staff, potential students & staff and regulatory requirements. In addition, Caffeine provides ongoing digital marketing and technology assistance to the RMA team.

This team is incredibly dedicated to providing a high-quality, innovative and personalized product for you, in the timeline you need and at the price you can afford. Everything at Caffeine centers around creating a customized platform and strategy to help you and your company/ school grow. Instead of a one-size-fits-all model, you receive a specialized prototype of your imagination made just for you. The entire team-- Dustin, Sharon, Danielle, Holly, Dave and Gilbert--all do everything in their power to make sure your company is reaching the highest potential possible. Our organization alone benefitted from $2,000,000 in additional income in one year as a result of their marketing and strategy efforts. And, during that time, Caffeine also designed and built a state of the art website from scratch. I can't say enough wonderful things about this team, or what Caffeine did for our organization.
Director of Community Outreach, Communications & Development

The Challenge

RMA partnered with Caffeine to design a youthful and vibrant responsive website that matched the energy of their young target audience. It was important that the site include several features for admin management and improved user experience. The challenge was to integrate and implement the site during a peak enrollment season and to increase enrollment, brand awareness, and student engagement.

The Solution

  • Created an advanced back-end admin system that makes every content area on the site editable for multiple users on a user-friendly interface.
  • Unified multiple, mismatched campus websites by creating one, cohesive, custom, mobile-friendly site that has a vibrant and modern feel that appeals to RMA’s young target market and brand.
  • Built an interactive district calendar and individual campus calendars that display events and detailed information for all campuses using existing plugins and custom development.
  • Developed, implemented, and integrated a fully functional, custom WordPress site during peak enrollment season.
  • Caffeine provides ongoing marketing ideas, support, management, and tracking through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and the school enrollment system.
  • Caffeine provides ongoing website support such as: adding new features, managing admin access, and installing the latest WordPress security updates.