Web Development


Gigraffe Design Studio is a full-service screen printing company serving customers from their Etsy shop. When they wanted to realign their business to B2B customers, they approached Caffeine to build a new website to meet that demand.

The Challenge

While the new Gigraffe site needed to display products, the site wasn’t meant to be ecommerce since the products are customizable and not meant to be ordered directly. Also, since the site was meant to reach a new audience we needed to redefine the aesthetic to reach a B2B audience while still maintaining the energy of the brand.

The Solution

  • Created a sleek home page design with a scrollable hero banner showcasing the brand’s custom designed products and glowing testimonials from the brand’s satisfied customers.
  • Built product detail pages which featured an extended description for each product. The information included a close-up to show the durability of the fabric, an explanation of the screenprinting process, and two examples of the screenprinted item.
  • Designed and developed “Who We Are” and “What We Do” pages which highlighted the creation and life of the brand and the high-quality creation and development of the products.