Successful Companies are Successful Marketers.

As your Digital Marketing Partner

we can provide solutions to obtain more clients, improve customer retention and success within your industry.

Examples of how we are helping clients grow their business:

Social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat (geofilters)

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google AdWords and/or the Yahoo! Bing Network, Google AdSense, InMobi

Video and content marketing through blog posts, SEO, social networks; newsletter integration and email automation

Landing page creation, website support, graphic design, brand identity, logo design

Sue owns a boutique clothing company in a booming town. She wanted to launch a simple Facebook campaign, but couldn’t figure out how to set up the analytics to track her efforts. Caffeine helped her with this and Sue now enjoys managing and tracking her Facebook campaigns. Sue knows she can rely on Caffeine to monitor her website’s tracking pixels and analytics to further improve her efforts.
Ken is a veterinarian. He recently opened a new clinic and is looking to attract new patients. Caffeine helped him develop a marketing playbook that includes Google Adwords and a monthly newsletter, which Caffeine manages. The owners of Ken’s patients enjoy following the clinic’s Facebook and Instagram accounts because they are full of helpful tips and photos of adorable animals.
Sam is in charge of community outreach for a large school system that has locations all over state. His focus is on increasing brand awareness and enrollment for the school. Caffeine helped Sam develop a fully integrated marketing playbook that includes social media campaigns, native ads on sites that align with prospective student’s interests and blog posts highlighting happenings at the various campuses. Sam knows he can rely on Caffeine to monitor and maintain the school’s social media campaigns and ads on Facebook, Google and YouTube in addition to creating new content for the blog.

We have a Marketing Plan to Fit Your Needs

Whether you’re looking for some basic infrastructure and want to do most of the marketing yourself or, you’re looking for something more turnkey, we have a package that’s right for you. Packages start at $999/month. Fill out the form below to contact us and we'll schedule a time to talk shop.


Results will vary across campaigns, but Caffeine’s philosophy is to test, monitor, tweak and repeat. We work to turn your marketing into more of a science and less of an art. It’s all about data.
A few examples are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google AdWords, YouTube, LinkedIn and InMobi. There are too many to list, the sky’s the limit!
Sure! We’re open to hearing your ideas, together we can plan the best course of action for your business.
We are transparent with metrics. Each week we will send you a report outlining how the previous week’s ads performed. And most platforms offer raw data for you to review at your convenience.
Yes! Branding is the act of selecting a feeling, a personality, and a set of symbols, designs, colors, and fonts to establish your products and services from others. It more than just a logo.
Ad spend is the amount you budget to pay for the ads that are live across various platforms and is variable depending on ad performance and peak times for your business. We never upcharge you for ad spend. Caffeine’s monthly fee is different from ad spend as it is dependent on which marketing service package you choose based on needs.
Sure! Our lowest package offers this option. We can set up the analytics and you can always rely on us for support.
Yes! We don't require any long-term commitments with our services. You can try us for one month, six months, or use our services forever. If you find you need more or fewer ads or campaigns, you can always upgrade or downgrade services with no fee.
Most definitely! We have clients that manage multiple businesses through one marketing package.
Too bad! Just kidding, we'll always find a way to deal with needs, whether it's charging additional marketing hours on top of your basic package, or restructuring packages or commitments each month to meet your immediate need.
We realize your marketing efforts may not always be linear throughout the year. You can always upgrade or downgrade your marketing service. We don't charge any fees for upgrading or downgrading, we only ask that you let us know prior to your next billing cycle so we can properly plan and staff your needs.
No worries, we can get your business set up with a business page on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and/or YouTube. If you prefer not to go that route, there are other digital marketing channels such as pay-per-click advertising, content or email marketing that do not require you to have a business page on social networks.
We are you one stop shop! Digital advertising is difficult without an online presence. We can design and build your website in addition to our marketing services.

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